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30. That is the number of years I have been a professional net worker on the Internet and doing my Search & Enjoy missions in Cyberspace.  When I started, the computer screens were green.  There were no images.  You had to have a printer to get email.  And DOS was the soft-&-hard-ware.  We’ve come a long way, Baby!
You are about to enter an Interactive Adventure.  It all started when I gathered my first email addresses from my first Vietnam Veteran web sites.  Today, I have one of the largest networks in Cyberspace, spreading worldwide with a reach that not only concerns email but also the social networks.  The Veteran Community has spread to so many other Cyber-Clusters one can not fathom the enormity.
Here you will learn my story.  You will meet my people.  My pets.  My music, and my Survival Farm.  You will see Interactive Doors on every page that by merely clicking takes you to other universes in Cyberspace.  So do feel free to explore and freely enjoy.  Sign up for my monthly LRRP NET Newsletter.

My career took a definitive twist when in 1987 my “Voice of America” album, dedicated to the American Veteran and fighting men and women inour military, hit the charts.  My music is still playing all over the world andI’m extremely proud to be a featured artist on the largest radio station in the world, Pandora.com.  But, the same twist of fate that brought me to the top of the music charts also wrangled its way into my retirement when downloading songs on the Internet became ‘free’.  This new technology changed the face of Country Music, so after a wonderful 25 year career on Music Row, I decided to come home.  I moved back home to Sacramento County, California, at the end of 2004.  I’m now on my farm between Elk Grove and Wilton south somewhat of Sacramento.

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Taking a break

What A Job!

I’ll write about what I do, what I like best about it, and even some of the frustrations. (A job with frustrations? Hard to believe, huh?)

Well, maybe I should reconsider the word: job? I officially retired from the Nashville Music business at the end of 2004 and came home to the Sacramento area of California. I’m thinking seriously, now, about getting a ‘job’ in a West Virginia coal mine because this retirement is killing me. I get up at about 4AM each day, 7 days a week. I go to my Survival Farm at about 7:30AM and work until about noon to 2PM. Then I come home and work here with my baby birds, rabbits and Bengal Cats and networking on my LRRP Net. I eat my one meal a day at about 6PM, and then settle back a bit and watch some old movies on the Boob Tube and then I’m crashed at about 8PM.

Here on this site you will be introduced to every facet of my life. My entire book is open to you. I have nothing to hide, and if I did, I forgot about what it was due to me being 100% disabled from various war wounds from my fighting in the Vietnam War, and the “Black Snake” (PTSD) coiled within my soul. And this is an “Interactive Adventure” for you to enjoy and explore. Every picture, every highlighted word is a click away from another universe in Cyberspace. So go for it!

LT’s Voice of America


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