New Stuff on my web site with the guitar/tree

OK, Dan! I have a new thingie on the top of my web site home page. It has “LT Bobby Ross Productions” starting on the left side and then going to the right it has a ‘3’plug in updates, then a ‘4’, then a + New and on the right “Howdy, Bobby Ross”. I’m more cornfused. I see a border to my left with all kinds of stuff. Is this just for me or does anyone who comes on to the web site see all this?

New school shooting in Florida!

17 dead in this Florida school shooting. They did capture this shooter, however. He is 19. The death penalty is real in Florida. Here’s a creative idea: Instead of disarming America and allowing the 1% Elite to enslave all of us, why don’t we have a quick trial. Find this shooter guilty with a fair trial, 12 jurors, a judge, the whole 9 yards, and then fly me back to Florida to be the hangman. The Florida folks build a scaffold and we have a big BBQ with several live bands and at one point in the party they lead this shooter to me so I can slip the hangman’s knot around his neck. Then I let him talk to the crowd for a minute. Then I get a wink from the judge and then I pull the lever and hang him. Hopefully he will kick a bit. Now, ain’t that a refreshing idea? I mean instead of allowing all this talking about how disarming all of America will prevent this type of crime? Do any of you know that taking away our 2nd Amendment rights will enslave us? Wouldn’t you love to see me hang this asshole? How many of you will have the courage to hit ‘LIKE” here?

I’m totally lost!!!

OK, I looked at how you ‘edited’ my last posts and it is all url’s that I have absolutely no idea of???? I’m much more cornfused, now, than I was the day I started.

Emma’s New Newsletter

Dan –  This is your order:

This is my 3rd Post

“Fix that post and start a new one that you you could use on your next emma newsletter.  Keep it simple.  Try creating a header by entering text, then select (highlight) that text then select header options by clicking on the arrow in the box that probably says “Paragraph” immediately below the Add Media button.  Try different headers.”

I think I fixed the 2nd post by removing the video?

I have no idea what a ‘header’ is so I think it is the box above that I have put “Emma’s New Newsletter”.

I pushed the arrow in the “Paragraph” box and selected “Heading 1”.

2nd Try from LT

OK, Dan, this is my second attempt to do this.  I have absolutely no idea if I am posting this in my name or in your name?  I also have no idea of the url that I should use for emma or Facebook after I publish this?

I think I added this picture?  I tried to add a video, but I don’t think I did that, either?  Looks like I can only add pictures from the rassio data bank and not from my desktop or computer?  I am trying as best I can here, but I really am way over my head.  HAR!




Giant Plants

I have been growing this Swiss Chard since 2005.  This patch came up as ‘volunteers’ at the end of 2015 and established itself last year.  Suddenly, it has gone out of the roof.  I’ve never seen Swiss Chard this tall.  I am getting a tractor man in on Thursday, and so this season, I am going to go for the “GIANT’ plants I have been studying for the past 3 years.

Here is a short video: