LT In Country

On June 6 2016, we remembered the D-Day invasion in Europe.  I’m sharing some neat movie clips of my 101st Airborne Division getting ready to ‘jump’ behind the lines near Normandy on that fateful day right here.  D-Day set the stage for the defeat of Nazi Germany and the end of WWII.  The ‘Screaming Eagles’ were killers.  They still are.  Their history is based on one motto:  “Kill the enemy, All the way”.  When our ‘heroes’ came home from WWII, they were met with cheers and respect from all Americans.  They had won their war. 

23 years later, I was in the 101st Airborn Division in Vietnam as a 1st Lieutenant, and because I was raised in the rice fields here in Northern California, I was actually placed by my superiors in the US Army in my own back yard.  I was totally at home in the day and night in the rice paddies in Vietnam.  The story I am sharing this month has never been told.  In the picture above I am holding an old BAR rifle and leading my ARVN Platoon in the rice near Hue in the I Corps of South Vietnam.

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