LT’s M60

This shot was taken on my 21st Birthday in the A Shaw Valley in Vietnam.  Dateline circles here, this photo is farther further into my career in The Nam.  I like this shot.  That’s an M60!  Looks like maybe I could hit what I was aiming at?  This part of my ‘war’ was defining.  I had finally made it.  I had been cut off from all the ‘by the book’ bull shit.  I was laison to one of the Infantry Battalion supplying them daily and nightly air support, and sit-reps for the Colonel and his staff from the 2/17th CAV helicopter air support.  It was a ‘cushy’ assignment, but I was totally alone in that bunker below me, and cut off from all other human contact.  My superiors gave me this job to ‘kill the enemy’.  We virtually destroyed the Viet Cong in the Tet Offensive, and my first platoon was virtually wiped out.  So my Colonel ordered me to Nha Trang for the Green Beret’s RECONDO School.  I graduated and became one of the first ‘official’ LRRP Officers of the 101st.  (I was also a graduate of the Jungle Expert School in Panama before I arrived in Vietnam, but that’s another story.)

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