LT’s ARVN Platoon

Above is me with my purrrrrrrfected ARVN Platoon.  These men and their ‘survivors’ have followed me to this moment from that time.  There are few of us left.  But the area I was fighting in, the rice, the Vietnam rice, was their home.  They quickly learned I was a natural.  And they taught me how to kill the NVA.  So, after mental exercise and following congenial calisthenics, I became them, and me, the person I knew, was no more.  This is the ‘truth’ of my life.  I have had to ‘eat’ almost all of it, before I went to Vietnam, and after I came home from Vietnam.  I was sent into the ‘Bush’ to kill the enemy.  I did so with great success.  And my superiors wiped me off their books. 

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