LT’s Rat Patrol

Now we finally come to me with American Troops.  Isn’t that interesting?  A full circle.  You see, early in my career in The Nam, I was grabbed aside and thrust into a “Special Mission”.  These guys above were my refined ‘Killing Team” during the last part of my Army career in The Nam.  I actually am credited with creating an ambush tactic that still lives on today in our unique American Military Establishment, and shall for the rest of time in our American Military way of life.  I have never been able to tell this story until this moment.  Finally!  My last job was the commander of a Jeep Platoon.  A “Rat Patrol”.  We safeguarded the Southwest section of the Hue area across the Perfume River.  We did ‘search & destroy’ during the day to gather information, and then, using that scrunity at night to set up two to three ambushes with said “Rat Patrol”, we intersepted the enemy.  The enemy was infiltrating at night, but my ambush talents put a stop to it.  Few of my enemy night after night escaped.  And all were enemy KIA’s.

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