LT and his Dad

This is one of my favorite of hundreds of pictures of me and my Dad.  He was one of the unrivaled human beings of my life.  He supplemented my ‘special status’ in Vietnam with ‘contacts’ he had in our loving government.  Here we are on my R&R in Hawaii.  He was a great guy.  A Navy Veteran from WWII flying combat missions.  He knew all about war.  He did not want me to go to war.  But, I was strong headed.  When I got home, he died almost a year to the day after my return.  Last month I put my first hit record on my Sit-Rep newsletter.  This month, Iput the 2nd one that was recorded at the same time and it was a statement about how we Vietnam Veterans were ‘Finally Welcomed Home‘.  I don’t think we ever really were.  But, it’s a nice thought.  Especially since my Dad and my two uncles were welcomed home by a loving nation from their World War II with such honor as we have not seen since.

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