Welcome New LRRPs in 2017

Want to welcome all you New LRRPs to our new web site, specifically designed and produced for you.  We now have our own private email service, and our own private Facebook Page.  We need to all step up to the plate and do our best to hit the ball out of the park.  This means you need to participate.  The first way to do this is to ‘sign in’ here on this BLOG.  Let’s get a head count.  And let’s start introducing each other to make this a real active outfit.

LRRP Net Videos – Sunflower Patrol

Big Buck Bunny
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LRRP Sunflowers

  • Bird Seed
    Bird Seed
  • LRRP Sunflowers
    LRRP Sunflowers
  • New Birds
    New Birds
  • Swiss Chard Voluteers
    Swiss Chard Voluteers

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One Reply to “Welcome New LRRPs in 2017”

  1. Thanks for posting the video. It will be sometime before I get some flowers to blossom due to a late start because of weather. I do have a few volunteers but they are behind also.

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