Emma’s New Newsletter

Dan –  This is your order:

This is my 3rd Post

“Fix that post and start a new one that you you could use on your next emma newsletter.  Keep it simple.  Try creating a header by entering text, then select (highlight) that text then select header options by clicking on the arrow in the box that probably says “Paragraph” immediately below the Add Media button.  Try different headers.”

I think I fixed the 2nd post by removing the video?

I have no idea what a ‘header’ is so I think it is the box above that I have put “Emma’s New Newsletter”.

I pushed the arrow in the “Paragraph” box and selected “Heading 1”.

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  1. My Reply:

    After you found and pushed the arrow and selected Heading 1 the text became larger, as you would expect on a Header sentence in a document. I suggest you keep your text highlighted and select the different Heading options and report the differences that you may see.

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