New school shooting in Florida!

17 dead in this Florida school shooting. They did capture this shooter, however. He is 19. The death penalty is real in Florida. Here’s a creative idea: Instead of disarming America and allowing the 1% Elite to enslave all of us, why don’t we have a quick trial. Find this shooter guilty with a fair trial, 12 jurors, a judge, the whole 9 yards, and then fly me back to Florida to be the hangman. The Florida folks build a scaffold and we have a big BBQ with several live bands and at one point in the party they lead this shooter to me so I can slip the hangman’s knot around his neck. Then I let him talk to the crowd for a minute. Then I get a wink from the judge and then I pull the lever and hang him. Hopefully he will kick a bit. Now, ain’t that a refreshing idea? I mean instead of allowing all this talking about how disarming all of America will prevent this type of crime? Do any of you know that taking away our 2nd Amendment rights will enslave us? Wouldn’t you love to see me hang this asshole? How many of you will have the courage to hit ‘LIKE” here?

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