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Want to welcome all you New LRRPs to our new web site, specifically designed and produced for you.  We now have our own private email service, and our own private Facebook Page.  We need to all step up to the plate and do our best to hit the ball out of the park.  This means you need to participate.  The first way to do this is to ‘sign in’ here on this BLOG.  Let’s get a head count.  And let’s start introducing each other to make this a real active outfit.

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LT Bobby Ross

Standing Rock

Nearly 3 decades ago when I was producing Country Music in Nashville, I  came upon an incomparable project about Native Americans. I gathered around me the best A-Team studio musicians and singers and produced this song in one of the finest music studios in Music City. This past year I have been striving to bring this masterpiece to life again by using it as a tribute to the Standing Rock Protest in North Dakota in 2016.

America has a dismal history concerning the treatment of our Native Peoples.  It continues to this day.  Towards the end of this protest, over two thousand American Veterans traveled to Standing Rock to join hand and hand, arm in arm, with the Native Americans in their protest to protect their water rights and land.  This protest is now over because President Trump has sent in the ‘police’ to rid the protestors from the land.  But, it is not over if you listen to this song, and play it for your family, friends and neighbors on the Internet.  I do hope all the work put into this over the years now pays proper respect to this movement.

Standing Rock Contributions

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